Dock and wharfing of vessels
Mechanized bulk loading
Bulk packaging
Loading of trucks and rail hopper
Scale Service
Inventory Management
Mixing fertilizer products
Management of cement, rebar and general cargo


The dock, the warehouse and the operational and maritime areas cover an area of ​​50,813.11 m2, composed of 36,164,732 m2 of land area, and 14,648,378 m2 of maritime zone, with the following specifications:


  • Area: 1,637 m2.
  • Maritime operational area length: 220 m.
  • Official Draft: 36 ft.

Conveyor belts

  • Discharge capacity: Up to 600 tons/hr.

Storage Area

    The storage area consists of 3 ships with the following capacities:

    • Ship 1. 3,675 m2 and 20,000 tons of capacity.
    • Ship 2. 1,837.5 m2 and 10,000 tons of capacity.
    • Ship 3. 3,311 m2 and 25,000 tons of capacity.

    The total storage capacity is 55,000 tons. Ship discharge capacity: up to 10,000 tons per day. Capacity of hold cargo truck / rail: up to 2,500 tons per day.


  • Mixed truck-rail with a capacity of 200 tons.
  • Truck with a capacity of 50 tons.
  • Trailera with capacity of 80 tons.
  • Batch scale with capacity of 800 tons. per hour, weighing the product directly from the ship entering the store.



Triple T has the most advanced technology and highly trained personnel to offer an efficient and reliable integral logistics. The use of our facilities as a distribution center, allows our customers considerable savings in their cost structure, facilitating the direct delivery of the product to the final consumer, from the Port of Topolobampo.


In the download of products our customers have the option to do it in a simultaneous way to both truck and rail and to warehouse. The diversity of services allows the product to be re-shipped in bulk, packaged, unitized or mixed via truck and / or rail. The infrastructure also allows to offer additional services such as general cargo transshipment maneuvers, adapting to customer requirements.


We have high technology facilities, an experienced and well-trained work team, services of the highest quality and with the support and strength that gives us belonging to Grupo Ceres, a leading business group in Northwest Mexico.


Our unloading capacity of up to 10,000 tons per day allows us to offer our customers an efficient, safe and according to their needs.


Thanks to our experience of more than 15 years as a port operator and the degree of specialization that our staff has, we can offer the client a solution according to their needs.


Always looking for new service alternatives to give the customer an added value for their products.