Commercial ships
Non-containerized docks
Per ton shipped or landed



From ship's hold to land transport vehicle. The invoicing of the wharf and scale unloading maneuvers will be carried out based on the tonnage reflected in the import performance.

Rate per each 1000 kg

Beans, Corn, Sorghum and similar
Turnip Seed
Sunflower seeds, cotton and similar seeds
Pasta and similar

Rate per each 1000 kg of mineral products and fertilizers

Heavy ones (concentrates and similar)
Light ones (ammonium nitrate and similar)

Rate per each 1000 kg of general cargo

Fractionated, units up to 51 kg, except bagged products
Fractionated, units more between 51 to 2,000 kgs., except bagged products
Unitized or palletized

Special rates per each ton of the following products

Bulk cement
Zinc concentrate and similar
Bulk muscovado
Bulk common salt
Not palletized bagged products (Sugar, Bean, Chickpea, etc.)


Storage (Calendar month)
The invoicing is made based on the tonnage registered in the import request less re-shipped directly from ship to truck / rail.
Warehouse entry maneuvers
Exit maneuvers from bulk warehouse (Truck)
Exit maneuvers from bulk warehouse (Railway)
Reception maneuvers of railway hoppers (including weighing and loading)
Bagging (presentation of 50kg, includes simultaneous load to truck)
Bagging (presentation of 25kg, includes simultaneous load to truck)
Bagging (presentation of Maxibolsas, includes simultaneous load to truck)
Load of bagged product 50kg (from warehouse floor to truck)
Load of bagged product 25kg (from warehouse floor to truck)
Weighing service


From "on board ship" to "land transport vehicle", or in its case, to / or from tanks, patios or private warehouses where the bands or pipelines arrive, or vice versa.

The fees for unloading / boarding and integrated maneuvers are applicable 24 hours, from Monday to Saturday, not holidays. For the services provided on Sundays and holidays, the 1.40 factor will be applied. For reception delivery maneuvers they include from 08:00 to 07:59 hrs, from Monday to Sunday, not holidays. On Sunday and holidays, the corresponding factor will be 1.50.

The 24 hours a day referred to in the tariff are considered from 08:00 a.m. to 08:00 a.m., in such a way that those of Sunday comprise of 08:00 hrs., Of this one at 08:00 hrs., on Monday, the same treatment should be observed on holidays.